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Blenheim Vet

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What is neutering?

Neutering or castration is the surgical removal of both testicles so that your cat is not capable of producing offspring.

What does the surgery involve?

The procedure is done with your pet under general anaesthesia and consists of a small incision over the testicles where they are then removed. The small incision does not require any stitches. Most cats 'bounce' back very quickly following the castration and can go home the same day as the operation. Your cat will be given long acting pain relief so he will not require any further mediction at home, but if you feel that your cat is excessively uncomfortable we are happy to reassess the need for further medication.

Caring for your cat after surgery

It is very important to keep him warm and quiet the first night of his operation and only give him a small meal that night. By the next day he should be back to normal and can return to his normal activities. It is good to check the incision site for a few days after surgery to watch out for any swelling or discharge, if you have any concerns please contact the clinic.

At what age can he be castrated?

For routine castration, the best time is at 6 months of age (this is before the onset of puberty).

Advantages of neutering

  • To prevent unwanted kittens and reduce population numbers
  • To prevent cats from roaming and fighting
  • Helps prevent urine spraying / marking

Marlborough's only exclusively small animal vet - 7 days a week