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Vaccinating your dog

To protect your best friend, one of the most important things you can do to give your dog a long and healthy life is to ensure that they are vaccinated against common and serious canine infectious diseases. Your dog's mother gave her puppy immunity from disease for the first few weeks of existence by providing disease-fighting antibodies in her milk. After that period it's up to you, with the help and advice of Springlands Vet Centres staff , to provide that protection.

How do vaccines work

Vaccines contain small quantities of altered or "killed" viruses, bacteria or other disease-causing organisms. When administered, they stimulate your dog's immune system to produce disease-fighting cells and proteins - or antibodies - to protect against disease.

What to vaccinate your dog against

Your pet should be protected against those diseases which are most common, highly contagious and which cause serious illness or death. Such diseases include Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Infectious Tracheobronchitis (also known as kennel cough). Leptospirosis is recommended in certain areas of the North Island.

When should your dog be vaccinated

The immunity that a puppy has at birth only lasts for a few weeks, it is then time to begin vaccinating. At Springlands Veterinary Centre, we chose to use the most up to date, “gold standard” vaccination. Depending on your puppies individual circumstance, some puppies receive one vaccination, some get two vaccinations and some need three!  All puppies receive their final vaccine at sixteen weeks of age and they achieve full immunity within 2 weeks, therefore allowing extremely important early socialisation. Thereafter, your dog will require annual 'booster' vaccinations for the rest of their life to maintain protection. Above all, follow the vaccination schedule recommended by your veterinarian - if there is too long an interval between vaccinations, your dog may no longer be fully protected.

Marlborough's only exclusively small animal vet - 7 days a week