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Fluff Nut

A 3 month old guinea pig , Fluff Nut, arrived at the clinic one weekend with his very distraught young owner. He had caught his left hindleg in the door of his cage and had been unable to put any weight on it thereafter.

On first appearance his leg looked very bruised, swollen and floppy! Further examination revealed a very badly fractured hock or ankle joint. In fact we could feel that his poor wee leg was in several pieces.

Unfortunately, as guinea pigs have such small slender bones and as the injury had resulted in the formation of many bone fragments, it would be impossible to fix the leg using a splinting method or with pins and screws as you may do with a cat or dog. The only option for Fluff Nut was to amputate his hindlimb.

One of the big things to consider with guinea pig surgery is the risk of death under anaesthetic. Guinea pigs can easily become hypothermic and it is really important to make sure they maintain their body temperature during surgery (picture above of Fluff Nut under anaesthesia).

The amputation was successful, Fluff Nut soon woke up following surgery and was able to move around with ease on his three legs. When his owners arrived to pick him up they were pleased to see him scamper into his hay (picture below of Fluff Nut happy to be going home).

Marlborough's only exclusively small animal vet - 7 days a week