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Blenheim Vet

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So often cats are hit by cars and left to their fate at the side of the road. Such was the case for a striking young tabby male one morning in May. Luckily for this cat, aka Hoodie, a kind gentleman taking his morning walk found him post collision and brought him to Springlands vets for emergency treatment.

Hoodie was in shock on arrival, he had bitten through his tongue causing copious amounts of blood to pour from his mouth. He had dislocated his left hip and badly bruised his right knee. He has also had a big knock to his head that had rendered him temporarily blind (to the right is a radiograph of Hoodies dislocated hip).

We estimated Hoodie to be 18 months of age, he did not have a collar or microchip and he had not been neutered. For this reason we thought that perhaps Hoodie was a wild cat but his enthusiastic purr and obvious delight in human company soon became apparent. Hoodie was advertised in the hope that an owner maybe searching for him but surprisingly no one came forward to claim him.

Hoodie was such a hit during his time at Springlands with all the staff due to his laid back attitude and fondness for affection. Charlotte our veterinarian couldn't resist giving him a home and helping him recover through his traumatic time. He has now fully recovered and is best mates with Charlottes other cat, Scooter and is a joy to have as a member of their family (below is a picture of Scooter and Hoodie enjoying a relaxing day on the bed).

Marlborough's only exclusively small animal vet - 7 days a week