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Our Veterinarian Dr Peter Ehrlich tells us the story of this amazing feline....   

Meet Pixie. Pixie is a cat that was found in the smoking rubble of her owner’s house the day after it burned down. As the fire investigation team lifted the charred wreckage, they found her grey, ash covered body huddled down, silently unmoving. She had endured the heat and the hoses and was found alive in the smoldering debris.

The SPCA brought Pixie to us and I remember the odd sensation in handling her for her health check, the combination of frazzled fur and a coating of cinders. At that time, her only symptom of suffering was the pain she felt when touched and that she couldn’t open her eyes. Smoke inhalation was no longer an issue but the effects of the heat were becoming more and more apparent.

Sadly her eye lids had suffered second degree burns and had stuck together and the pads of her feet had burned from walking on hot surfaces. It took five days before the thick skin on her feet opened up and eventually all her pads lost their covering, leaving her with bright red blisters. Another 30% of her body surface had first degree burns causing the fur of her face and legs to fall away. Most strikingly of all within about two weeks, Pixies ear tips felt stiff and inflexible like flags of cardboard. Gradually, the top 2cm of each ear tip separated like torn paper and left stubs of ears that remain perfectly comfortable.

Treating a burns patient is in the supportive care while the body heals. All the damage is done instantly by the fire’s heat but takes many days to display it’s full extent. Nothing can be done to prevent the sunsequent damage but lots can be done to make the patient feel better while she heals. Pain relief and nursing broken skin is the key. Intially we cared for Pixie at the clinic and she then returned to her family who have lovingly nursed her back to health.

Pixie is now doing great! Her eyelids have healed and stayed open and the pads on her feet have hardened again. The baldness on her face and legs remains but with her half ears, gives her quite the distinctive look! Its been a long journey for her and her family but worth hanging in there. Pixie is most certainly a survivor!

Latest Photos From Pixies Owner  18.8.2016

Pixie's owner has reported that she is doing great! 

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